How Challenge-based Learning works

A two-page pdf on how public and private hackathons can accelerate FinOps learning, cloud adoption and delivery of measurable improvements in efficiency.

Sustainable Cloud Hackathon Brief

The downloadable challenge brief for the Sustainable Cloud Hackathon. This pdf explains how to participate in the challenge and the preparatory steps that must be taken to qualify as a participant.

FinOps 101 - The Fundamentals of FinOps

A summary of the early modules in FOCP explaining the challenges posed by the cloud variable cost model, and how the FinOps serves as a blueprint for tackling them.

Cloud Waste - Introduction

How cloud waste arises and why it grows over time. The different types of cloud waste and how teams can optimize cloud usage.

Cloud Waste Reduction - Practitioner Level

Finding unused cloud resources and decommissioning them
Scheduling non-production instances to match demand
Rightsizing over-provisioned instances

Cloud Waste Reduction - Ninja Level

Advanced techniques for waste reduction once you’ve done the easy stuff. Designing for value, managing anomalies, automation.